Anterior tibial artery

The anterior tibial artery (latin: arteria tibialis anterior) arises from the popliteal artery at the level of the upper opening of the cruropopliteal canal.

The anterior tibial artery passes through the cruropopliteal canal, penetrates the interosseous membrane in its upper part and passes along the anterior surface of the interosseous membrane behind the muscles of the anterior group of the lower leg. Then the anterior tibial artery passes below the inferior extensor retinaculum, where it continues as the dorsalis pedis artery.

The anterior tibial artery gives off the following branches:

  • posterior tibial recurrent artery,
  • anterior tibial recurrent artery,
  • anterior medial malleolar artery,
  • anterior lateral artery,
  • muscular branches.

In general, the anterior tibial artery supplies blood to the anterior compartment of the lower leg and to the dorsal surface of the foot.