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Gross anatomy: systemic anatomy vs regional anatomy

There are two main types of anatomy – microscopic anatomy, which studies tiny anatomical structures such as tissues and cells, and gross anatomy (sometimes also called macroscopic anatomy), which studies larger structures such as bodily organs. In this article, we will focus on gross anatomy with its different fields and explain the difference between systemic anatomy vs regional anatomy.

How To Study Anatomy: A Guide | Anatomy Next

A vast amount of anatomical information has to be learned and remembered in order to master human anatomy. In this article, learn about methods and techniques you can implement to understand and remember anatomical information.

Pandemic-era learning: Anatomy Next launches Anatomy.app

Anatomy Next, a digital health startup focused on medical education, is launching Anatomy.app, an online digital anatomy training platform – catering to medical students, students in the health professions, and medical educational institutions.

Understanding Human anatomy: What is it? Types of anatomy, and how to learn anatomy better?

On Human anatomy, the types of human anatomy, what organ systems and what organs make up the human body, and - how to better learn anatomy.

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