Levator anguli oris

The levator anguli oris (also levator anguli oris muscle, latin: musculus levator anguli oris) is a facial muscle close to the mouth opening that lifts the angle of the mouth.


The levator anguli oris arises from the canine fossa on the anterior surface of the maxilla right below the infraorbital foramen.


The levator anguli oris inserts into the skin of the angle of the mouth.


When activated, the levator anguli oris lifts the angle of the mouth, thus participating in creating a smile.

Contractions of this muscle produce a facial expression associated with self-confidence.

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The levator anguli oris is innervated by the buccal branch of the facial nerve (CN VII).

Blood supply

The levator anguli oris receives blood supply mainly from the superior labial branch of the facial artery.